Tiny Jo has forgotten to learn a poem by hard for chrismas when suddenly Santa appears. 

The tall - and big - impressive man wants to check if Jo has behaved well in the past year and have learned a poem for chrismas.

No poem, no presents. It is easy as it sounds but for Jo it is a torture.

Help Jo with this chrismas poem on time and maybe it is also a cool gift for your friends!?

Just give it a go! 😉


A Chrismas Poem Linux.zip 29 MB
A Chrismas Poem Mac.zip 30 MB
A Chrismas Poem Windows.zip 27 MB


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the graphics are great. the game is quite funny even though unfinished

That's nice to hear, thank you. 😄

Love the fact that you actually did voice acting for this & the part where the kid is stalling is hilarious.

Thanks! Because I am new in Godot I had to fight a lot with some basics. They took a lot of time ;)


What do you think about the art design?

I think the overall feeling we get from playing the game is joy and peacefulness. Mainly because of the background music, but the snow particles and cute art also contributes to all that. You should definitely develop on that somehow. Hahaha